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Grand Rapids Property Management company.

Green Property Management aims to provide property owners with efficient, flat-fee management services for mid and west Michigan properties.

Articles and news related to managing properties the GREEN way.

Budgeting: Living with a roommate vs on your own.

Green Property

The cost of living alone versus the cost of sharing your space with a roommate can vary quite drastically. So, is having a roommate worth giving up some of your privacy? Check out our thoughts below and decide for yourself. 

  • You will generally pay more in rent without a roommate. Splitting the cost of a 2 or 3  bedroom apartment in most cases will cost you much less than living in a 1 bedroom on your own.
  • The same goes for utilities. Your cable, internet, and electric bill may be reasonable, but will be much lower when splitting with roommates. However, if you do not have a roommate, you will also have more control over your utility bills.
  • Furnishings are another cost to consider, especially if you plan on buying that new couch you have your eye on. Why not get a roommate and split the cost?

Living on your own without a roommate can be awesome too. So how can you prepare and offset the higher expenses?

  • Create a budget and stick to it. Don't forget to include the cost associated with some things that may be included in your rent such as a gym membership or parking.
  • Be realistic about what you can afford. Don't push the boundaries of your limit.
  • Decide what is most important to you--having extra cash to hang out with friends, or having a luxury apartment in the perfect location?

7 Things You Didn't Know about Your Dishwasher

Green Property

Many of the apartments we manage have dishwashers. And if you have one, you most likely use it. But did you know these 7 interesting things about your dishwasher?

  1. Water efficiency. Your dishwasher most likely uses less water than you would use to clean dishes by hand. 
  2. Running your dishwasher in the evening may save money. Why? Because in many areas across the country your electricity is cheaper during off-peak times (nighttime). Check with your utility company to find out more.
  3. Help your dishwasher do its job. Leaving dirty dishes with dried-on food sit in it for days before you run the cycle is most likely not going to get the dishes clean. Try rinsing your dishes before putting them inside the washer.
  4. Make sure your dishes are being washed with hot water. How? Run your hot water for a few moments using your sink faucet. This will ensure that the dishwasher starts out using hot water.
  5. Oh, so many uses! Your dishwasher can do more than just wash dishes. Try removing all of the dishes and washing children's toys and other small household items. You'll be amazed!
  6. Utensils. Ever wonder why some of your utensils are not being cleaned? Make sure you put them "handle down" so that the part you eat from is facing up and will receive a good wash. 
  7. Not running? If your dishwasher will not turn on, it could be an issue with electrical breaker, or other issue. Luckily of you lease an apartment that Green Property Management manages, we will be happy to check this out for you and get it running. Call our maintenance department to schedule an appointment.

Grand Rapids Restaurants Use Agricultural Byproducts to Go Green

Green Property

According to an article at, several local restaurants are decreasing the amount of waste left from patrons by up to 90 percent.   Grand Rapids Brewing Co., Stella's Lounge, McFadden's and a growing chain of HopCat restaurants are opting to use environmentally friendly products in place of traditional paper and plastic-based napkins, utensils, etc.

Author Shandra Martinez writes "The transition from plastics to products made of agricultural byproducts began by switching to straws made of PLA plastic, a corn material that breaks down in 180 days. The restaurants also have stopped using tinfoil to wrap sandwiches and burritos."

We applaud these efforts! As a property management company in Grand Rapids that has a focus on "green" we know that making changes like this can be challenging--but worth it! 

Read the full article here:



WMU Earns "Green" Seal of Approval

Green Property

According to an article from the Grand Rapids Business Journal, WMU joins Harvard, University of Maryland and University of Virginia as schools that have earned the Green Seal.

The university will be the only higher education school in the state of Michigan to earn the Green Seal, and we hope this is an indication that more schools and commercial properties will do the same.

From the GRBJ: "The custodial department incorporated several changes into their sustainability practices: using aqueous ozone, a water-based cleaning system; changing floor-care procedures, which eliminated the use of floor stripper and finish; and using backpack vacuums, which remove more particles in the air due to the higher level of filtration; and more."

Read the full article here:

As a property management company in Grand Rapids that promotes "green" ideas to our clients, we applaud these efforts and are pleased to learn that the local Michigan university is adopting ways to clean its facilities in a "green" way. Promoting "green" ideas in property management not only help the environment, but can also make assets more profitable.

New Owners Share Plans for Historic Heritage Hill Apartment Building

Green Property

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, February 16, 2015: Cherry 547, LLC today announced the acquisition of 547 Cherry Street SE in Heritage Hill, better known as Oakwood Manor Apartments.

Rumored to have once housed legendary movie actor Spencer Tracy, the property was built in 1923 and is a designated historic building located in Heritage Hill. Oakwood Manor boasts 96 market-rate apartment units, including studios, one-bedrooms, and two- bedrooms. There is also 6,000 square foot of commercial space including a 3,000 square foot former restaurant space.

“We plan on making Oakwood Manor a more inviting and comfortable living experience for our residents. Expect to see changes in the landscaping, courtyard and entrance,” said Martin Green, owner of Midtown Equity Group, an investor in the project. “We are also looking forward to filling the commercial spaces with local businesses that will not only enhance the sense of community for our residents, but the surrounding neighborhood as well.”

“There is incredible potential to upgrade the building while honoring its vintage, historic feel,” said Brian Hamrick of Hamrick Investment Group, also one of the principal investors. “The units all have high ceilings, beautiful hardwood floors, and lots of sunlight.”

The property will be managed by Green Property Management based in downtown Grand Rapids. “We always like to promote living green and living local,” said Green. “Everything we will be doing is designed to improve the property, increase energy efficiency, and enhance the neighborhood.” 

15 Major Projects Planned for Grand Rapids

Green Property

There are A LOT of cool things happening in downtown Grand Rapids! According to an article on the Wood TV website, the area needs about 5,000 additional apartments to house the growing demand. As a property management company in Grand Rapids, this makes us very excited!

"Demolition on the old Grand Rapids Press Building is expected to start as early as March, with the new Michigan State University medical research building taking its place and opening in 2017" according to the article.

In addition, "a trail is in the works that would allow people to bike, run and walk from Riverside Park to downtown. It would connect to the White Pine Trail system allowing people to travel as far as North Dakota from the Grand River."

This is such an exciting time to be in property management, and we are looking forward to watching the progress of these projects as they unfold.

See the full article:

Green Property Management is Growing!

Green Property

Green Property Management is currently growing and looking to hire a new member of our team!

We are currently seeking a Full-Time Maintenance Technician with a can-do attitude. We will train the right person!
An Employment Open House will be held at our Administrative Offices on Monday, March 16 from 8am - 3pm.

For more information, please visit:

We look forward to meeting you!

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50 Ways Grand Rapids Apartment Residents can Go Green!

Green Property

We hear a lot about "going green" these days, but often times we are not given ideas to do so. Here are some ideas that we think are unique. Most of these ideas can be utilized by renters, so you don't have to own a home and invest a lot of money into going green. Be sure to check the link below for the full list of 50 ideas!

  • Don't rinse your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher.
  • Wash your clothes in the warm or cold water, not hot.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Skip the coffee stirrer. Instead, put your sugar and creamer in the cup before pouring in your coffee.

See all 50 tips here:

Fun things to do in your apartment when it's too cold outside.

Green Property

We know the feeling. You're bored, and it's too cold to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. It's something that Grand Rapids residents know all too well!

Thankfully, our friends at Apartment Therapy have created a list of things to keep you entertained. Bust out that dusty board game, or try building a pillow fort! Check out all 7 ideas here.

Grand Rapids, MI: The Place to Be

Green Property

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a rapidly growing city that is attracting individuals and families across the nation. Thriving in the art and culture scenes, exceptional educational opportunities, and access to renowned medical facilities, it’s no wonder why Grand Rapids was ranked #2 on Forbes’ 2014 list “America’s Best Cities for Raising a Family”...

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