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Grand Rapids Property Management company.

Green Property Management aims to provide property owners with efficient, flat-fee management services for mid and west Michigan properties.

Articles and news related to managing properties the GREEN way.

Grand Rapids Restaurants Use Agricultural Byproducts to Go Green

Green Property

According to an article at, several local restaurants are decreasing the amount of waste left from patrons by up to 90 percent.   Grand Rapids Brewing Co., Stella's Lounge, McFadden's and a growing chain of HopCat restaurants are opting to use environmentally friendly products in place of traditional paper and plastic-based napkins, utensils, etc.

Author Shandra Martinez writes "The transition from plastics to products made of agricultural byproducts began by switching to straws made of PLA plastic, a corn material that breaks down in 180 days. The restaurants also have stopped using tinfoil to wrap sandwiches and burritos."

We applaud these efforts! As a property management company in Grand Rapids that has a focus on "green" we know that making changes like this can be challenging--but worth it! 

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