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1787 Grand Ridge Ct NE, Ste 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49525
United States

(866) 954-7336

Grand Rapids Property Management company.

Green Property Management aims to provide property owners with efficient, flat-fee management services for mid and west Michigan properties.

Why GPM?

The reason why most real estate investors choose to have a professional Property Management company manage their assets. Learn how our expanding Grand Rapids Property Management company can help you.

Why Property Management?

Having a management company oversee your property has numerous benefits that go beyond just having someone to make sure the rent gets paid. Hiring property managers can save you the time and headaches from dealing with:

  • Phone Calls
  • Showings
  • Leasing
  • Rent Collection
  • General & Emergency Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Delinquencies
  • Unit Turns

... All on top of trying to figure out how to truly increase the value of your property, and make your investment worth it.

Why Green Property Management ?

The problem with traditional property management is that it relies on stuff going wrong at your property. By offering a low management rate and having necessary services provided à la carte (at an additional fee), a standard property management company will end up costing you 3–4 times what you thought you were signing up for. There is no incentive to bring your property from Good to Great with this approach.

Here at Green Property Management, we believe there is a better way to manage your community. We've scrapped the traditional approach to management by making sure our rate includes all the essential services you would traditionally pay extra for. Now, your goals are our goals. With this approach, we incentivize ourselves to go beyond just managing your property: by reducing costs and increasing your income, we make it our mission to improve your bottom line and the overall value of your investment.


1787 Grand Ridge Ct NE
Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Monday–Friday: 9am–5pm
Saturday–Sunday: CLOSED

(866) 954-7336


Client Testimonials

"I have owned College Hill Apartments in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 15 years. I had the same property management company for 11 of those years. I thought they did a reasonably good job of keeping the project… modestly profitable. However, I became increasingly concerned about… creating greater value for the project.

In 2008, I hired Green Property Management, and all that changed[.] My bottom line cash flow has doubled after I invested [as GPM] suggested. That amounts to approximately a 46% return on my investment. I couldn't be happier with a management team."

- College Hill Apartments, Grand Rapids
"Prior to [GPM], I used another management company that took a very traditional approach. [GPM] took a much more sophisticated approach to the market and realized we could upgrade the units, raise the rents, and bring in higher quality tenants[.] It is through [GPM's] hard work that we were able to realize a substantial increase in value on both projects. [The staff] are always ethical, hard-working, and a very professional group of people."
Indian Village Apartments, Grand Rapids
"I was searching for a management company that would help me expand my real estate portfolio into larger apartment investments. I wanted the best, and that's how I found GPM. I was impressed with the transformation at College Hill Apartments, and knew that was the result of [the team at] GPM[.] GPM has [a] strategy of strengthening our tenant criteria, improving our occupancy, and increasing rents. They take a holistic view of all the numbers, helping me lower expenses by reducing energy usage, tenant turnover, and maintenance issues. [The team at GPM] are ethical and honest."
Windemere Village Apartments, Lansing